LOBSTR Inflation Pool

We are helping projects in the Stellar ecosystem benefit from inflation of the Stellar protocol. By joining our inflation pool, your project can immediately start receiving weekly payouts to any specified Stellar address.
Earn 1% per year in Lumens from the funds of the accounts that you direct to our pool.

What is inflation in Stellar network?
The Stellar distributed network has a built-in, fixed, nominal inflation mechanism: https://www.stellar.org/developers/guides/concepts/inflation.html
New Lumens are added to the network at the rate of 1% each year.

Each week, the Stellar protocol distributes these lumens to any account that gets over 0.05% of the “votes” from other accounts in the network.
Inflation mechanism can be used to support the projects in the Stellar ecosystem. People can point their inflation to the projects they use or to the ones they believe are important to the ecosystem.

Enough people voting with their inflation could contribute to the funding needed for a long term sustainable development of the projects.

Essentially, if a user is "voting" for the project with his wallet, this project potentially can receive around 1% of the XLM stored in that wallet per year, paid out weekly.

If you are running a wallet, exchange, or any other service that works with several Stellar accounts, you could use the inflation mechanism to setup desired inflation destination and receive payouts.
Primarily, because of the inflation threshold (or MIN VOTE), which makes it difficult to start receiving inflation payouts.

If you have 1000 Lumens, and you are willing to vote for a certain project with your inflation - potentially it would receive about 10 Lumens per year from your contribution. However, it actually won’t, unless there are a lot of other Stellar accounts that are voting for the same address.

Current threshold (MIN VOTE) is about 53,000,000 Lumens (0.05% of total lumens). So in order for a project to receive a share of inflation, a total balance of all users supporting it should be above 53M XLM.

Reaching 53M inflation votes would generate a yearly revenue of 530,000 XLM. But anything below 53M votes would result in zero, as inflation mechanism ignores destinations with smaller amount of total votes.

By joining the LOBSTR inflation pool, you can leverage existing votes pool which already exceed the votes threshold, so you can receive inflation benefits without collecting 53M XLM in votes.
Lumenaut pool is the top choice for individual users who want to get back their share of inflation. LOBSTR inflation pool is aimed at the companies building on Stellar, it's not designed for individual users.

The key distinction is that LOBSTR inflation pool allows you to withdraw your shares of inflation payouts to any specified Stellar address, while Lumenaut can only send inflation payouts back the original user account.

So if you have a set of users, who are willing to support your project and point their inflation to you, LOBSTR inflation tool is the tool that will help you. Again, for most regular users, Lumenaut is the tool to go.

If you want to learn more about LOBSTR inflation pool, please read this announcement: https://www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/comments/bybgcq/lobstr_inflation_pool/
First, tell us about your project and submit the request on this page. We will be in touch with you shortly.

From the technical standpoint, you will need to point accounts to our inflation destination address, and also setup a special marker that would link these accounts to your project. This marker can be set through account data fields or home domain. We will provide technical guidance.
Payouts will be done weekly, within 48 hours of receiving protocol inflation distribution. Currently minimum payout amount is set to 200 XLM, which roughly translates to 1,000,000 XLM in the total voting accounts.

We provide this for free for the open-source projects and charge 5% fee for the rest.